About Christian & Gizem

Hi beautiful people! 

We are Gizem and Christian, a couple from North Carolina, USA. 


When we first met each other, one of the things that brought us closer was a shared (and perpetually delayed) dream to take a break from work and travel around the world and learn homesteading skills.


Well, we are doing it! We quit our jobs, put our stuff in storage, minimized our belongings, and stepped into the unknown.


We both feel that this trip is about both an external and internal journey. Our wish is to be fully present in every place we go and in every interpersonal interaction to see the world in a way we haven’t before.


The goal is to interrupt our patterns and preconceptions to emerge anew with a broadened sense of ourselves and others. We intend to open up and soak the goodness of people and nature all around the world. We desire to connect within and without by “looking inside out”. 


This blog is about our journey, not only around the world but also exploring our growth as partners and individuals.


From the very beginning, we centered our relationship around open communication, challenging belief systems, introspection, integration and unconditional love. Yet this happened in a static and comfortable environment, and we now face a new challenge; maintaining a thriving relationship in the face of the unknown and discomfort.


We will share our reflections about learning to farm and build, the countries we travel to, and our dynamic views on living through discomfort, being present in unfamiliar settings, and living consciously. 


Philosophers in heart – we love to have deep conversations about the nature of reality; and we love to laugh and giggle, because why not!?


We also share a passion for cooking, “ecstatic” dance, electronic music, backpacking/camping, community building, and learning. 


More about Gizem

AKA: The Lady of Legumes, Turkish Princess, Honeybuns

Heyo! I am Gizem. I am originally from Turkey, but I have called North Carolina home for the last 7 years. 

When I was a kid, people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I replied: “a traveler”. I have been a business consultant, an innovation expert, a data science novice, an integrative health coach, and a yoga teacher. No matter what I did, the urge - to know more, be immersed into culture, music and art from strange lands, to expand my sense of self, and get closer to nature- never vanished.

When I met Christian, I felt ready to venture out and give my dreams a chance to come alive. I am so stoked that we are actually going after what we fantasized for so long. I am also excited to share the journey with the hopes of being useful or at least entertaining. I hope you follow along as we learn how to build our own homestead with sustainable practices and travel around the world while working on making our relationship weatherproof.

More about Christian

AKA: DJ Toothbrush, X, Term

I have always been told that I was an adventurous and curious child; running before walking and a friend to all. I like to think that though my body has aged my inner child has flourished.


I have been a chef, a firefighter, camp counselor, and project manager in the commercial arena; outside of that world I am a goofball, creator, student, and adventurer.


As a child, the myths and lore of ancient cultures kept me enamored to learn more and when I was teen Anthony Bourdain piqued my curiosity for food and travel, the staples of his show; No Reservations. Ever since I have been obsessed with the idea of an epic travel, though as I have gotten older I discovered the gift and power of traveling within as a tool for learning and relating to the the world.

Now, as I embark upon the journey of a lifetime; traveling, farming and camping, I hope to learn from the unforeseen, lean into the uncomfortable, and cherish the novel along the way as Gizem and I learn to make our life as vibrant as our dreams.