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  • Gizem Cetgin

Why create something at all?

I had a complicated relationship with public writing up, a creative expression for me, until this point. There are times that I felt exuberant to share thoughts on esoteric topics such as the meaning of life and how to step into your greatness. There are also times that I felt timid or turned off to share my thoughts with anyone. Reflecting on why and how my desire to share stories or insights swung so wildly to the opposite sides, I saw that I was making it about me. I had to have extraordinary points; otherwise, why bother. But, when the idea of doing something as drastic as quitting my job to travel around the world and start from scratch for a new career in the middle of a pandemic, I decided the journey itself has called to be documented without any expectation of how it should be. Here is why:

It is a medium for self-liberation:

We all deserve to express ourselves. It doesn't mean the expression will be "good" in other people's eyes, but that's exactly NOT the point. The worry to be good is the obstacle to becoming good at something. The point is to do it for the sake of joy, curiosity, or learning. If you happen to get good at it, that's just icing on the cake. Ironically, by letting go of the expectation of being good, you are way more likely to become good.

So, I decided to allow myself to experiment with many things, including writing. That way, for the first time in my life, I break away from the self-generated or society imposed ideas of how, why, what I should do. Instead, I hope to tune in to our birth-given right to experience the joy of creating something.

It creates more accountability and meaning:

I could journal instead of blogging. But, I believe the mere fact of sharing the experience makes the experience richer and deeper. We are social creatures who find comfort, excitement, and most importantly, connection in sharing our experiences. Sharing also forces you to take reflection more seriously and do it consistently. As a person who struggled with consistency, I hope this will be a great encouragement.

Maybe, but maybe, it can brighten, change, or enhance someone's view in life:

Although I gave myself room to liberally reflect, I do believe some interesting, to say the least, insights will be born through our journey. Most of us live in predictable, reasonably secure conditions avoiding discomfort and uncertainty. But, only when we dare to face the stark change and the intimidating unknown, we get to exponentially grow and learn. Given we made a decision to leave our cushy jobs to travel and make a career leap afterward in the middle of a global outbreak, I guarantee you, we will have a story to share:)

I hope that the stories and insights will be useful, inspiring, and encouraging for our loved ones and the broader audience. If you want to express yourself in any way yet are struggling with that, I hope you find the courage in your heart to free yourself to just do it.

If you came to our blog to spend time with us, I am grateful for you. You’ve already made our experience richer by acknowledging and receiving our stories. I hope I see you share your thoughts and say hi.

With gratitude,


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